Divest BU Demands Action from Board of Trustees


On Wednesday, the group Divest BU held a rally at Marsh Plaza and marched to the BU Castle, trying to influence BU Trustees who have yet to take action on climate change recommendations made by the Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing last April. WTBU’s Miranda Suarez went to the rally and spoke to organizers, professors, and members of Student Government about the divest movement and the threat of climate change.

Musician SONiA Disappear Fear


For 30 years, SONiA disappear fear has been captivating audiences with her poetic lyrics and folky guitar tunes. After a successful new album release and world tour, SONiA still has a lot more to show the world. WTBU News reporter Alexa Vazquez talked with the singer about her recording process, her place in the music industry and her future plans for a musical.

SONiA disappear fear is performing at Burren Back Room in Somerville, MA on Saturday, September 17.

Friends Speaker Series Welcomes Tom Ashbrook


For years, Boston University’s Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center has brought luminaries from Boston and around the world to give lectures as part of the Friends Speaker Series. Gotlieb’s latest friend is Tom Ashbrook, an award-winning journalist and host of WBUR’s On Point. He spoke and answered questions about his life, career, and his love for the liberal arts in the Metcalf Ballroom on Tuesday, April 20th. WTBU’s Miranda Suarez got a chance to speak to Mr. Ashbrook, as well as the associate director of the archives and members of the audience.

You can find more information about the Friends Speaker Series and the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center at their website, http://hgar-srv3.bu.edu/.

Indie Mixtape Fundraising Concert


Boston is known for its indie music talent. The Kappa Delta sorority of Boston University looked to take that local talent and put it to good use for their concert called “Indie Mixtape.” This showcase of music was all to benefit Prevent Child Abuse America. WTBU News sent reporter Kyle Davi to check it out and to ask the organizers about the event. Check it out!

Andrew F. Smith’s Fast Food: Quick, but Not Easy

Photo by Brian Zak taken from the New York Post. (http://nypost.com/2014/04/05/andrew-f-smith-my-food-new-york)

We’re all familiar with McDonald’s. The golden arches have become an American (and global) icon. Andrew F. Smith discussed how fast food has affected our history and culture in his talk “Fast Food: A Global Perspective” on April 13th at Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences. This is especially relevant on April 14th, the day when fast food workers across the country are demonstrating and striking for higher wages. Smith is the author of 28 books and over 500 articles about food history. His latest book is titled Fast Food: The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry.

Interview with Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme


Vermin Love Supreme has been running for president since the 1990’s. Identifiable by his bushy white beard and unusual clothing–multiple ties and a giant boot he wears as a hat–Mr. Supreme makes it a point to visit his competitors’ rallies. On the night of the New Hampshire primary, he attended Bernie Sanders’ victory rally at Concord High School in Concord, NH. WTBU’s Miranda Suarez spoke to him about campaign hospitality and his ideological similarities to Sanders.

Coffee & Conversation: The Issues from a BU Perspective

Photo Credit: http://www.bu.edu/thurman

Every Friday from 3 to 5 PM in the Howard Thurman Center, BU students and faculty gather to drink free coffee and discuss the world’s most pressing issues. From race on college campuses to global terror, Coffee & Conversation offers students an open forum to express their views in an age when students across the country are struggling to get their voices heard. WTBU’s Miranda Suarez listened in on last Friday’s conversation about the Paris terror attacks and talked to Pedro Falci, Coffee & Conversation’s administrator and facilitator, to find out what makes Coffee & Conversation so appealing to students.

Flat Waffle Offers Stage for Young Comedians

Photo Credit:www.facebook.com/flatwafflecomedy.

Every other Monday, student comics and comedy lovers gather in the basement of the GSU for a night of stand-up. The Flat Waffle Comedy Hour (named because one performer thought “falafel” was short for “flat waffle”) gives young comedians a chance to try out new material—or even to step onstage for the first time. WTBU’s Miranda Suarez attended Flat Waffle on October 5th to talk to the hosts and listen to some sets, trying to ascertain what makes the event so special.

BU Women’s Hockey Plays At Agganis Arena

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Alexis Crossley spoke with WTBU News about playing at Agganis Arena on 1/23/16 and the upcoming Women’s Beanpot. Photo Credit: Heratch Ekmekjian/BU Athletics

The BU women’s hockey team had a once-a-year experience last Saturday, downing the Providence College Friars, 5-1, at Agganis Arena, not Walter Brown. Junior defenseman Alexis Crossley spoke with Jake Reiser about the experience, as well as the upcoming Women’s Beanpot, hosted at BU.

Stage Troupe Interview


Seeing live theatre is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. Here at Boston University, anyone has the opportunity to see excellent productions performed by students multiple times a semester through the theatre company called Stage Troupe. Stage Troupe is the oldest and largest extracurricular performing arts group for undergraduate students who are not majoring in theatre while at BU. WTBU News sent reporter Kyle Davi to speak with Michael Gobiel, President of Stage Troupe, about the upcoming shows for the semester. Check it out!


The Doctor Is In

Photo taken from BU Today
Photo taken from BU Today

The face of public global health visited Boston University this past Wednesday. Dr. Paul Farmer was the speaker for this year’s Stanley P. Stone Distinguished Lecture. Dr. Farmer could not be any more perfect for the annual lecture: the director of the Boston-based organization called Partner in Health and author, coauthor and editor of several books has been tackling the issue of increasing accessibility of public health on a global level for the poor and restoring health systems that have become over-exhausted. If you missed the informative and humorous event, listen to the short, personal story below.

Zionism at BU


Pandit Mami is perhaps an unexpected Zionist. Raised in Sierra Leone during the civil war, he is now the Midwest Campus Coordinator for the Zionist Organization of America. He came to BU Hillel on Monday to give a presentation on how he became a supporter of the state of Israel. His talk falls against the larger geopolitical background of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, which even has its own offshoots here at BU. Miranda Suarez attended the event to find out more.

Spotlight Screening

Picture taken from the Boston Globe

Spotlight is a new movie that recently premiered this past week in the Boston area. It depicts the spotlight reporting team of the Boston Globe that broke the church sex abuse scandal here in the Boston area. Since then, it has become a national and international issue. Boston University held a screening for journalism and film and television students this past Thursday. There was also a Q & A after the screening with the original spotlight team reporters. WTBU News sent reporter Kyle Davi to cover what they had to say.


banner-bu-basicsHalloweekend has crept upon Boston University, and WTBU is curious as to what everyone will be dressed as and what they will be doing. So, we hit the streets and asked for our “(Wo)Man on the Streets” segment. Listen and be inspired by others’ costumes and plans.

Myles Haunted House

Reporter Kyle Davi and two other BU students before entering the Haunted House
Reporter Kyle Davi and two other BU students before entering the Haunted House

Halloween is nearly upon us and Myles Standish Hall celebrated a little early with their annual haunted house. This haunted house drew almost 500 people last year. Now in its second year, this short but well-made haunted house had over 1,000 people sign up via Facebook to attend. With the rain pouring down outside, WTBU News reporter Kyle Davi talked with Residence Hall Director Chester Li about the event along with the people waiting in line. Take a listen to what everyone had to say.

A Look at the Boston Book Festival

Picture taken from the Boston Book Festival Facebook
Picture taken from the Boston Book Festival Facebook

Every year, book-based businesses of all kind gather in Copley Square for a weekend of buying, selling, and promoting. Along with hosting eminent authors as speakers, the Boston Book Festival gives Boston-based literary companies a chance to introduce themselves to new audiences. WTBU’s Miranda Suarez went to the event and spoke to vendors about what makes the event so good for business.

Willie Cole’s AQUAHALLIC

From now until December 4th, Boston University’s 808 gallery is hosting an art exhibit by internationally renowned Willie Cole, titled AQUAHALLIC. AQUAHALLIC is a collection of pieces created completely of plastic water bottles and is a critique on consumer culture. WTBU reporter Sharmaine Sun brings us the story.

Bernie Sanders Boston Rally


On Saturday, Bernie Sanders drew in over 20,000 people to South Boston to hear him speak. Held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, this rally saw faces young and old packed in shoulder to shoulder to here the progressive socialist share his ideas. This is the first time Bernie Sanders has spoken in Boston since announcing his campaign for the White House. Our very own Kyle Davi went to the event to hear what Sanders had to say and to catch up with some of the attendees.

Boston Calling 2015


The sixth semi-annual Boston Calling was this weekend, and performances from Of Monsters and Men, Chromeo, and Alabama Shakes amazed the crowd. Caitlin Schiffer and Max Rodriguez from WTBU Newsroom talked to some of the festival goers about their reasons for attending the festival.

Construction at BU Takes Over COM Lawn

Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering Building
Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering Building

When students came back from summer break, many were greeted to new construction right outside of the College of Communication. This new construction for a Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering currently takes up almost half of the COM lawn. By taking up some of the very little green space BU has to offer, students and faculty are mixed about the construction. Our very own Kyle Davi went out on the streets to get their reactions.

Asia Film Week

A scene from Wong Kar-Wei's "In the Mood for Love", a Miramax Film Production.
A scene from Wong Kar-Wei’s “In the Mood for Love”, a Miramax Film Production.

WTBU News reporter Meiling Bedard speaks with Boston University’s Catherin Yeh, Associate Professor of Chinese & Comparative Literature Boston University’s Asia Film. Asia Film week sought to educate students about Asian films and film study as well as encourage dialogue about the portrayal of Asians in movies.

Good Marijuana?


Our very own Kyle Davi got a chance to sit down with Dr. Kevin Hill to discuss his new book that recently came out about the use of recreational marijuana. It is titled, Marijuana: The Unbiased Truth About the World’s Most Popular Weed. His interesting perspective on the topic provides a new look into this controversial issue.

Children and Young Adults Gather to Celebrate Global Youth Service Day

© Photo by @youthservice via Instagram
© Photo by @youthservice via Instagram

This past weekend, April 17-19 2015, was dedicated to youths serving their community in a variety of outreach projects. Reporter Juliet Beauchamp talked with Youth Service America’s Senior Manager of Communications and Development, Michael Coursey, to learn more about what young people can do to impact their communities on Global Youth Service Day.

Sexual Assault Awareness Week


Reporter Kyle Davi sat down with Jessica Klein to discus sexual assault awareness week at Boston University. With a multitude of events planned, the week is one of importance for those affected by sexual assault and those wanting to learn more. Events include a movie screening, one of the most popular events of the week.


BUTV’s Newest Series, Pal’s and Friends, Airs


Dan Esberg joined WTBU News to talk about BUTV’s newest series titled Pal’s and Friend. Esberg helps write and produce the show, which he explains is a collection of comedy sketches that are sometimes interrelated. Esberg says he is inspired by Saturday Light Night to cast recurring characters on Pal’s and Friends.

The show premiered March 30th and can be watched on BUTV’s Youtube or butv.com.

119th Boston Marathon


Today marks the 119th Boston Marathon, a 26.2 mile race that stretches across Boston, ran by the world’s fastest marathoners. This year, the city expects more than 1 million spectators to attend the race, bringing families, college students, and people from all over the world to view the oldest marathon.
Yet the increased popularity of the event over the years, coupled with the drama of the tragic bombing two years ago, has left some Boston residents feeling conflicted towards the marathon.

Running the Boston Marathon


Erin O’Donnell Crossing the Finish Line In the 2015 Boston Marathon 

Marathon Weekend was upon us here in Boston, and many runners enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine that it brought. Still, running the Boston Marathon takes dedication and athleticism. WTBU News sent reporter Kyle Davi to talk with Erin O’Donnell, who ran the 26 mile race last year. Check it out!

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